Meet the 2015 AppFolio Engineering Interns

Last modified on January 13th, 2016

AppFolio’s Engineering Internship program recruits outstanding undergraduate and graduate students from top universities to participate in 12 weeks of high-intensity industrial software engineering. This summer, 30 software engineering interns worked at the Santa Barbara headquarters. Through the summer, students participated in the hands-on building of new features and products for AppFolio’s customers and during their internship they had the chance to participate in the Engineering Hack Day and the Tech Retreat with the rest of the department. Both of these events are great opportunities to get to know other engineers and experience AppFolio’s engineering culture first-hand. Before they returned to their respective schools, we snapped some photos and grabbed a couple stories from the participants.

Connor Proctor
Computer Science Major, UCLA 2016

Connor (pictured left) with Dr. Bryce Boe (his mentor) on Hack Day.

This summer, Connor enjoyed being able to learn while working on interesting projects in the Engineering Department. Connor likes hanging out with awesome coworkers after work and on the weekends. His favorite memory of AppFolio was attending the Tech Retreat in Big Sur, CA. There he loved meeting more coworkers that he normally does not get to interact with while going on hikes and hanging out at the beautiful Big Sur beaches. This summer Connor and three other interns worked on a project with Dr. Bryce Boe as their mentor learning the ins and outs of AppFolio software and researching and developing potential new features.

Li Zhang
Masters in Computer Science, UCLA 2016


Li in Big Sur for the AppFolio Tech Retreat

Li loves AppFolio because it’s a place where everyone respects each other and the interns have so much flexibility to learn new technologies driven by product development. Li’s favorite memory this summer was the Tech Retreat in Big Sur! The most important thing Li learned from AppFolio’s internship is that nothing can be accomplished unless we keep our team on the same page.

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