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Is Your Property Going Green or Green-ish?

Research shows that some tenants are willing to pay more for apartment homes managed by property teams with a focus on environmental responsibility. There are other benefits to targeting the “green crowd” with advertising efforts.

Green Property Management Practices and Why Residents Love Them

You’ve likely already addressed the main staples of your building’s eco-friendly performance when it comes to energy assessments, water use, and green building principles and general practices. However, many of the little things that really make a green community truly green may still need addressing. Residents across the nation are into trends, and fortunately, being green is a trend – one that’s hopefully here to stay.

Essential Energy Management Steps for Multifamily Properties

Research and development over the past several decades have consistently reduced energy consumption in the US. But, did you know that the National Academy of Engineering predicts we will use almost 70% more energy in 2040 unless we continue to reduce energy intensity sufficiently enough to offset growth and economic conditions?

Go Green in 2014 And Improve Your Building’s Eco Performance

Are you planning renovations or repairs to your building? If so, it’s a great time to take advantage of innovative ideas that will help you improve your building’s Eco Performance. Here are some things you can do to make your buildings more environmentally friendly.

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