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3 Resident Screening Tips for Getting High-Quality Renters

As a property manager, you don’t want a “bad” renter—someone who is late on payments, tears up the floorboards, or…

Finding the Ideal Renter

When it comes to successful property management, finding the ideal renters is not only essential, it’s a common concern among leasing agents. In fact, a survey of property managers and landlords found that 60 percent described finding the right renters as their biggest challenge.

Conducting Tenant Screening the Right Way in 2014

Good tenant screening is absolutely essential for successful property management. A few extra hours screening tenants thoroughly can save you days, weeks or even months of headaches down the line. There are many new services available through 2014 that will help you in conducting thorough tenant screenings, and there are some tips that are always relevant.

Five Considerations for Property Owners When Renting to Students

If you own a rental property near a university or community college, then it’s likely that there’s an abundant pool of students who are looking for off-campus housing. You may have avoided this demographic because for any numbers of reasons, such as their lack of credit history, uncertainty during summer months, and individuality.

Understanding Tenant Psychology

If you’re having trouble connecting with your residents, it might be communication error. According to nationally recognized body language expert Jan Hargrave, and many other professionals who study personality and motivational factors, only 7% of all communication is verbal. It really isn’t the words you say that creates a lasting impression, it is how you say them, your posture and your tone.

Top 5 Questions To Ask Prospective Tenants

You’re faced with a vacant unit and someone has responded to your website or online ad. You’re anxious to close…

Top 5 Property Management Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Property management is a complex job with lots of details and a diverse clientele. In order to keep your business…

The Different Challenges Of Managing Large vs. Small Properties

If you run a property management firm, you may deal with folks who own large properties with a large number…

Screening Applicants with AppFolio Property Manager

[Updated 9/10/2015] Applicant screening is an essential part of what AppFolio’s software can do to make it easier to find…

Developing the Resident Screening Reports: How We Did it

Building software that is easy to use isn’t always easy! So we devote a lot of time and resources to…