One of our favorite comics…To get your wheels turning.

Buried under the steady stream of maintenance requests and renter inquiries that fill up your inbox every morning sit all the neglected emails that you would love to respond to but just don’t have the time. How about those webinar invites that are undoubtedly filled with amazing tips on how to save time—but you don’t even have time to watch the recordings!

Honestly, how are you even reading this blog post right now?

If you’re short on minutes, here’s the CliffsNotes version of this post: Technology saves you ridiculous amounts of time.

If you have a few extra minutes, keep reading and I’ll tell you how.

Let’s straighten one thing out before I continue. Some people believe that being extremely busy is validation that their job is more valuable. Fact: You can be a stellar employee without being suffocated by the pressure of a crazy workload. In actuality, you’ll likely be a better, more efficient employee because quality is almost always more valuable than quantity. Unless you’re talking about dollar bills. Or tacos.

Being a great property manager means you have the time to focus on your customers, giving them the attention they deserve. When you’re extremely busy doing laborious tasks, like manually entering applications, calling previous landlords, deciphering cryptic handwriting that looks more like hieroglyphs and less like inspection notes, you’re not focused on providing great customer experience.

All those hours you spend manually entering information or running checks to the bank are hours you could spend on serving your residents and prospective renters, as well as facilitating both your business growth and your own professional growth. There are so many webinars to attend, so many people you could be talking with in the industry to move forward in your career and be more knowledgeable. This is where your value as an employee truly lies.

How does technology give me more time to focus on customer experience?

If you’re still reading this post, I will now explain how technology can save you ridiculous amounts of time. In the beginning, it might seem daunting, just like anything with a learning curve can be. But what’s more daunting than managing 200 properties and juggling 200+ residents using a variety of Excel spreadsheets? Throw in some maintenance requests, lost checks, and owner inquiries, and you’re officially “too busy” to care about your renters. And that’s when your renter experience takes a hit.

Close your eyes and imagine this lease scenario:

A vacancy opens up. You quickly set up the vacancy listing in your software solution and publish it to your website and dozens of third-party sites in one click. Ding. A renter sees your ad. They schedule a walk-thru (or they already watched a video walk-thru on your website). They want the place. They apply and pay the application fee online. You screen them, approve them, and have them sign the lease on the spot. They pay their security deposit online in no time. Done. They pick up the keys next Thursday. And a year from now, they’ll renew their lease and recommend a friend because you continue to provide them with an excellent customer experience post move-in.


“This is it! I just leased my dream apartment!”

Is that how you describe your typical leasing process when someone asks? If not, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be. What can take days or weeks could take only a few hours with the right technology. And in some cities with high demand for properties, a few hours can be the difference between signing or losing a renter.

The right property management software has features built to save you time, like:

  • Online applications and leases
  • Single-Click vacancy posting
  • Online rent payment
  • Mobile inspections
  • Online maintenance requests
  • Text message communications
  • And more…

While AppFolio can’t add more minutes to the clock—we’re not wizards after all—we can help free up your time so you can get more valuable things done in your workday like keeping owners happy, residents renewing, and profits going up. And, you can actually take that lunch break with your friends you’ve been talking about for weeks. Might I suggest tacos?

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