Top 10 Tips for End of Summer Property Upkeep

Last modified on January 5th, 2016

As the summer comes to an end and the holiday months quickly approach, it’s time for property managers to start the new season off right. Conducting end of summer maintenance can help you save money during the winter, keep your residents and owners happy, and improve the curb appeal of the homes in your property management portfolio.

To make sure that all of your properties are properly maintained, you should consider tackling some of the following items.

1. Check the air flow. Check your vents, room fans, dryer vents, baseboard heaters, and HVAC units for any built-up dust. Make sure to clean these areas thoroughly so that the dust won’t cause any blockages in the air flow.

2. Turn up the heat. Make sure that the HVAC unit is thoroughly, and professionally, inspected and serviced. Furnace filters should be changed and the heat should be checked to make sure that it’s working properly.

3. Light the fireplace and clean the chimney. Depending on your location, a fireplace is a great attribute to any property. Check the fireplace and chimney to make sure that they are clean and free of any debris. The fireplace flue and liners should also be cleaned to prevent the build up of ash and soot. If your unit includes an electric fireplace, test it to make sure it is in working condition.

4. Paint the walls and clean the carpets. Fall is the perfect time to do a little sprucing up on typical wear and tear areas. Consider interior painting, carpet cleaning, and carpet replacement if needed. Make sure to tackle these tasks when the weather is still warm enough to keep the windows open and the rooms ventilated.

5. Check the insulation. Insulation is a critical component to keeping homes warm during the winter. Check the exterior of each property for any spot that might need new weatherstripping. Also check to see if any areas need new caulking. Finally, make sure that windows and doors aren’t letting in the cold outside air or letting out warm air.

6. Protect the deck, patio, and porch areas. Clean away dust and debris from the surfaces of the deck, patio, and porch spaces. Look for signs of cracking, chipped paint, or holes. Use wood putty or stone filler to repair any surfaces areas that have been damaged during the summer. Make sure to repaint the surface before the wet fall weather begins.

7. Repair driveways and walkways. Check the driveway and walkways for any cracks to prevent the winter rain from eroding the surface any further. Depending on the surface, fill in the cracks to keep the spaces looking nice, while remaining functional.

8. Clean the kitchen sink and garbage disposal. During the summer, the humidity and sun will have increased the bacteria population in your garbage disposal. Use garbage disposal cleaner down the drain to disinfect and remove any clogs or have a plumber do a full checkup. Food stains and rust should be removed from the sink. Also, check the kitchen for any ant or bug infestations.

9. Clean all bathrooms. Use a mildew remover to scour the bathroom until it shines. Apply grout to any areas that need it, such as the bathtub and shower. Remove soap scum from the showers, tubs, and sinks. Finally, apply a fresh paint of coat to any areas that are looking a little rough.

10. Clean all gutters. Gutter debris can become particularly hazardous during the winter. Remove leaves, twigs, and anything else that might cause the gutters to clog during the winter. Finally, use a garden hose to test the gutters to make sure that water is flowing freely through each gutter, down the spouts, and into a rain barrel or out onto the lawn a safe distance from the home.

With these end of summer maintenance upkeep tasks completed, your homes will be ready for the fall and winter seasons.

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