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3 Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Properties for Winter

Property management companies employ maintenance teams to ensure the safety and comfort of residents. They do more than keep lawns maintained and change old light…

Top 10 Tips for End of Summer Property Upkeep

As the summer comes to an end and the holiday months quickly approach, it’s time for property managers to start the new…

What’s Your Multifamily Investing Style: Passive or Proactive?

Whether you’re getting ready to buy your first property, or your tenth, these tips for proactively managing your appreciation will help…

Help Your Single Family Home Investors Plan Their Reno for Increased ROI

This year homeowners building a new home are concentrating on efficiency and simplicity. As a property manager, you can help …

Risk Management Brainstorming

Many property management professionals see the annual inspection report primarily as a tool to keep equipment and rental homes in…

Setting Boundaries: Establishing Outdoor Decorating and Storage Rules

Establishing resident policies often feels like a walking a tightrope. On one hand, property managers want to set boundaries that keep the community neat and orderly, safe for all residents and attractive to future residents. On the other hand, research shows that today’s tenants want more autonomy when it comes to decorating and creating personal spaces that fit their lifestyle and decorating preferences.

Mobile Inspections Feature: A Game Changer For Property Managers

AppFolio is changing the way inspections are done, empowering property managers with a streamlined, convenient, and modern way to do…

Three Ways to Manage Energy Use to Increase Value and Profit

Many property managers accept high utility bills as a necessary – if painful – cost of doing business. True, we…

Housing and Health: Can Your Property Pass the Fitness Test?

Owners and property managers spend countless hours fine tuning marketing plans and studying research to help them attract qualified tenants. While improving amenities and maintaining a beautiful property are excellent strategies for winning and keeping high-quality tenants, many property owners aren’t aware of the correlation between good health, our environment and multifamily housing.

5 Things Property Managers Wish Tenants Knew

Some tenants seem to think property managers sit around waiting for a problem to pop up. Fix a leaking water closet at two o’clock in the morning? No problem. Calm the crying babies, paste up the drooping wall paper, and banish the sand fleas instantly from the pet park – Right?