With Online Leasing, the Personal Touch Still Seals the Deal

Last modified on July 10th, 2017

Efficient property management systems empower leasing staff with easy to use tracking and personalization solutions to follow-up on leads and respond quickly via multiple communication channels. AppFolio Property Management software seamlessly integrates administrative processes with customer touch points from the initial inquiry to occupancy — and throughout the tenancy.

Personalizing Customer Engagement

Personalizing the rental selection process early leads to stronger, longer lasting relationships. Here are five things you and your staff can do to personalize customer engagement.

  1. Create engaging and informative digital brochures packed with information about your property. Include floor plans and photos. Adding special price incentives for “future tenants only” creates a personalized message.
  2. Announce new amenities and services with attractive flyers or printed mailers to draw prospects to your property.
  3. Post online videos with information about apartment living or community events in the neighborhood that highlight positive benefits for prospects and current residents.
  4. Educate your staff. Leasing agents who intimately know the neighborhood as well as individual rental units speak with confidence and pride when answering questions and conducting property tours.
  5. Communicate often with tenants after the lease is signed. Effective communication and rapid response are critical for building relationships and increasing retention rates. Use text, telephone, email, and face-to-face meetings to deliver messages, announce new products or just to touch base with tenants to check satisfaction levels.

Winning Ideal Tenants

Competition is fierce; the winning property must act quickly to win the ideal tenants. One of the most successful ways to close the deal is to manage your leasing flow effectively. Modern residents are mobile and tech savvy. They actively seek companies — including rental management companies —  who embrace modern technology that responds to their on-the-move lifestyle.

Demonstrate your management team’s technological savvy and customer appreciation with web-based tools designed for 21st century residents. Look for solutions that:

  1. Are optimized for mobile viewing.
  2. Allow online applications from various digital devices.
  3. Give managers immediate access to new applications for speedy approval.
  4. Support developing customized lease agreements.
  5. Allow prospects to digitally sign leases from mobile devices.

Online leasing tools give property managers creative tools to streamline prospective resident experiences, but adding a personal touch to the property viewing and selection process is invaluable for increasing closing ratios and reducing vacancy days. Don’t let the increased lease flow efficiency brought by online tools lead to rushing a prospective tenant through the process.  Take the time to get to know the prospective tenant.  Asking the right questions allows you to share relevant information about the neighborhood that shows why it is a good fit for the prospect.  This not only shows the prospect that you care, but it allows you to look for clues about the prospects potential fit for your property.  It’s a win-win situation.


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