Amplify Your Brand in 9 Surprisingly Simple Steps – Webinar Recap

Last modified on June 13th, 2024

Amplify your brandReaching your renters and prospects has never been easier.

You can find them online, texting, or spending the majority of their free time on their favorite social channel. So why not join the conversation?

Property managers in search of greater reach and more efficient ways of connecting with their renters can utilize these latest trends to amplify their brand. All it takes is a little coaching.

In a recent webinar featuring Sprout Marketing’s Barbara Savona and Rebecca Ross, the Sprout team highlighted that today’s hyperconnected and super-informed world may seem daunting for the property manager trying to get their name out there. Luckily, it’s all about focusing your attention in the right areas.

Here are nine easy ways property managers can make a big impression:

  1. Reach Out Via Instant Messenger
    From WhatsApp and Snapchat to FaceTime and Facebook Messenger — messaging applications are no longer just for social purposes. Take your customer service to the next level and have conversations in the places your prospects and renters are spending most of their time.
  2. Take a Crack at Live Video
    Live video allows you to bring those one-on-one interactions you have on-site with a renter or prospect to a larger, public audience. So when’s the best time for a live broadcast? Hit record when giving a tour to a prospect or showing off the latest changes to a common area.
  3. Jump on the Snapchat Bandwagon
    Snapchat provides a spontaneous and realistic peek into what something or someone is like. Similar to other channels, its photo and video-sharing model can further convey your personality and excellent level of customer service. Treat this app as an ideal way to build referrals, as residents are also inclined to share with their friends and family communities that they’re happy to be a part of.
  4. Develop Employee Advocates
    Increase your exposure and influence of your employees by developing employee advocates. Whether your team is large or small, they have the ability to get you into the feeds of their friends and family, and introduce you to new pools of community. Have them share updates of community events or favorite amenities to get your audience interested in your properties.
  5. Expand your Advertising Horizon
    Beat out the competition for a user’s attention by giving your content priority via built-in advertising options. Want to give it a shot? Reserve $50 this month to run a campaign that pushes people from Facebook to your website. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of cost-efficient targeting options.
  6. Spark Engagement with Interactive Content
    From polls and trivia to hashtags and photo caption contests, the key to engagement is keeping it fun and relevant to your community and values. Not only does this promote conversation but it’ll show your followers that you value their opinion, want to connect the community, and support local businesses. Clearly, it’s a win-win-win.
  7. Capitalize on Spontaneity with Mobile Video
    It’s wise to also experiment with organic and approachable mediums like mobile video. The mobile revolution has allowed us to shift the priority from perfection to ease of accessibility. Some ideas include introducing new team members or creating a time-lapse video of apartment staging.
  8. Stand Out with Personalization
    When a prospect comes in for a tour, take a picture of the prospect in their favorite floor plan. When you follow-up via email, make the subject line “[INSERT NAME]’s Next Home” then include a friendly, follow-up message recalling the details they mentioned were among their favorites.
  9. Stick with Email Marketing
    As people spend more time staying glued to their phones, checking emails is no longer reserved for an hour or two at work or at night. Instead, email is just as instant as a phone call or in-person meeting. Focus on building value amongst your prospects by making emails feel personalized (see Step #8) through segmentation, which will allow you treat them individual opportunities that they are.

With these simple steps, you can boost your brand while inspiring a deeper connection with your communities moving forward.

Check out the recording for more on Sprout’s presentation:


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