Choosing the Right Professional Affiliations for your Property Management Business

Last modified on October 11th, 2017

Woman researching Networking is a huge deal for most business leaders today.

Anyone looking to advance their career or boost their profitability has probably read at least one book about building successful relationships. Every author, public speaker, and business consultant offers their own strategy – but most would agree that it’s who you spend time with that directly impacts your ability to grow and expand your business.

Have you thought about which professional associations deliver the most benefits for you and your property management team?

One way to discover new opportunities for professional development is to join industry associations. These organizations deliver powerful resources to help you learn more about emerging trends, innovative technology, and changes to local, state, and federal regulations.

Take a minute to think through the professional associations you are considering and how you will benefit from these partnerships:

  • Will my association membership enable me to develop both professionally and personally?
  • Are there benefits I can share with my customer base? Think discounts, access to informative articles, workshops, or seminar opportunities, etc.
  • How will this translate longterm for my property management business? Benefits could be things like meeting regional influencers, reputation building, networking with industry leaders, and a noticeable reduction in vacancy rates since joining.

Developing an Association Membership Strategy For Your Team

It’s important to modify your networking strategy and association affiliations to expand your reach and build stronger relationships with renters and owners. Naturally, you will want to maintain membership with organizations dedicated to your field. However, whether you manage a niche property or a traditional multi-family community, it’s wise to evaluate which of your partnerships support you as the property manager and passes off benefits to your customers. This inside-out perspective will take you and your company much farther and ensure that you’re set up for a successful future ahead.

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