Grow Your Property Management Business Without Increasing Overhead

Last modified on January 29th, 2019

A rapidly growing business can be like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’ve got increased revenue, but on the other, you may suddenly realize you don’t have enough employees or the right technology to make the growth sustainable. This can lead to drastic decisions, such as frantic hires (that may not work out) or even selling the business to a larger, more established entity. Luckily, there are ways to scale with stability and get as close to future-proofing your business as possible, take a lesson from Chamberlin + Associates.

Chamberlin + Associates manages multifamily residential properties in three states, and they’ve been able to run an efficient accounting operation in their main office allowing them to grow from 6,500 units to over 8,500 units and still have room for growth without increasing their headcount.

Increase Growth, Not Your Overhead

Chamberlin + Associates was struggling with their growth as staff worked through weekends to maintain the workload. Something had to change.

Chris Inghram, Controller for Chamberlin + Associates, contributes their newfound scalable growth to employing AppFolio’s all-in-one property management solution and two key factors: ease-of-use and efficiency. With an intuitive solution, their property managers are happy and able to do their jobs in less time with fewer clicks. This allows their on-site managers to focus on their principal roles at their properties and to provide a higher level of service to their tenants. Chris also notes that even their tenants are impressed with their modern software solution, which enables them to easily pay online through tenant portals.

They are now operating with fewer accountants managing more units than they did previously, so not only do they see increased profits, but a reduction in spending on overhead as well. Without having to work extra hours, the staff is happier and better equipped to handle the workload.

Find Your Technology Partner in AppFolio

When it comes to the technology that runs your business, it’s critical to not only get all of the features and functionality you’re looking for but also a true partnership now and in the future. Take it from Chris, “We have peace of mind knowing we will always be on the cutting edge of technology because AppFolio is continually improving and delivering the next big thing in property management.”

Read the whole story to learn more about our partnership with Chamberlin + Associates.

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