It’s a Numbers Game: How to Qualify Your Leads (Webinar Recap)

Last modified on January 6th, 2016

Chris Brasher, Senior Manager of Rentals Marketing at Zillow Group, and Ursula Shekufendeh, AppFolio’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships, discussed the best ways to identify and convert high-quality renters.

The two experts identify strategic ways to attract potential paying residents, which include 5 areas of focus:

  • Pricing unit at the best possible price
  • Find Informed, Committed and Connected Renters
  • Use a calling script to weed out the bad renters and keep the good ones
  • Leverage technology to expedite leasing flow
  • Streamlining effective communication tools to improve leasing experience

A few highlights:

By comparing your rental rate with local listings, considering nearby attractions and establishing connections with your local property management community, you’ll be able to find your best rental rate for your best renters.

Bad renters include those who are misinformed about properties and have unfit qualifications. To keep these bad renters at arms distance, property managers should consider following a call script. This script will consist of the right questions to find qualified leads. But a calling script isn’t the only effective way to attract qualified renters; Chris and Ursula encourage informative vacancy listings, such as those with full addresses, featured amenities, and photos from different angles.

Using modern technology is another significant factor when wanting to convert leads to renters. Today, ⅘ millennials use a smartphone. This means having a fast, tech-adapted listing and website is crucial to attracting the younger generation of renters.

To gain more insightful tips from this webinar, check out the slides and the recording below.



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