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Timeless Marketing Techniques to Help You Win More Business

With today’s reliance on using digital marketing strategies to reach more people of younger generations, we forget that “old school” marketing…

10 Ways for Property Managers to Stay Competitive [Infographic]

For property managers to keep up with changes in technology and new demands from renters, they need to make some adjustments…

Improving Your Digital Marketing Strategies

The great wide world of marketing can be intimidating when you have little or no experience. When you are a…

Get to Know AppFolio Marketing Intern – Erinn Scotland

Today is my last day as a Marketing Intern for AppFolio in Santa Barbara. In a couple of weeks, I’ll…

It’s a Numbers Game: How to Qualify Your Leads (Webinar Recap)

Chris Brasher, Senior Manager of Rentals Marketing at Zillow Group, and Ursula Shekufendeh, AppFolio’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships, discussed the…

Is Your Website Attracting Renters? A Quick Optimization Checklist

Your property management website is one of the most important tools in this digital age for bringing in prospective residents….

Advertising Summer Vacancies 101

While some industries have “spring fever,” Real Estate professionals save the craziest time of the year for the summer months….

Lights! Camera! Action! Getting the Most From Virtual Property Tours

Still straddling the fence trying to decide if virtual tours are worth the investment, or even necessary, for small multifamily…

What Amenities Give Your Property a Five-Star Rating with the Student Population?

Imagine you had a crystal ball and could get a detailed list of the most important features and amenities college…

8 Strategies Your Competitors Are Using to Close More Leases (Webinar Recap)

This webinar revealed 8 modern strategies that today’s successful property managers are using to stand out from the competition and improve their customers’ experience.