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Risk Management Brainstorming

Many property management professionals see the annual inspection report primarily as a tool to keep equipment and rental homes in…

Can Property Management Certification Really Save You Money?

Staying abreast of changing regulations is a laudable goal, but realistically this requires a full-time employee designated to the task. Administrative staff at small, self-managed properties often wear many hats. Whether it is lack of time and resources, or simply poor management decisions, setting policy based on incorrect information is a costly mistake.

What Property Managers Should Consider “Advertising” Under the Fair Housing Act

Advertising is likely what attracts most tenants to your community; however, the Fair Housing Act has strict guidelines concerning what is and isn’t appropriate for you to show, state, or even imply within any real estate advertisement.

Fair Housing Laws: Avoiding Liability

Fair housing laws, first enacted in the 1960s by President Johnson, protect minority or underrepresented groups from discrimination in renting…

Handling a Broken Lease

When a resident wants to break a lease and you are a property manager it can be a real challenge….

Contractors and Accident Liability

Contractors really play a major role in the success of any property manager. They are responsible for keeping your properties…

Residents with Criminal Pasts

Everyone has a past, and when you are screening potential residents for vacant properties, you may be tempted to forgive…

Dealing With An Abandoned Unit

As a property manager, part of your role is to oversee the moving process for residents moving in and out….

Keeping Your Properties Safe With AppFolio

For property managers, safety is key. When you manage a property, you’re responsible for a great deal, and the safety…

Fair Housing: Are You Up To Date? (Webinar Recap)

Our most recent webinar with Grace Hill featured Fair Housing Expert, Trainer Donna. Donna covered a range of issues and…