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Is Your Multifamily Community Pet-Friendly or Pet-A-Phobic?

When you consider there are approximately 83 million owned dogs and more than 95.5 million owned cats in the United…

Leasing to Residents Who Travel Frequently

We live in a mobile environment. Not a digitally mobile environment, but a physically mobile environment. Companies often lure skilled professionals with temporary contracts furnished with enticing bonuses and travel packages to fill critical worker shortages. These traveling professionals create opportunities for property managers that are hard to ignore – high salaries, generous rent reimbursements and often, corporate contracts.

The Pros and Cons of Leasehold Improvements: Is it Feasible for your Property?

There are pros and cons associated with allowing residential tenants to invest in leasehold improvements during their tenancy. Deciding if encouraging tenant improvements is right for your property depends on your short-term and long-term financial goals.

How Walking Your Neighborhood Could Help Close a Lease

Looking for ways to make your property stand out above the competition? Knowing all of the features of your property’s neighborhood can help you close a lease by communicating the right features to the right renters. The most attractive apartment homes have a good neighborhood walk score.

How to Lease a Home, Not a Unit

Framing conversations with positive language and personalized presentations gives leasing agents an opportunity to “package the property” in an appealing way that resonates with prospective residents.

Is Your Rental Property Prepared for Leasing Season?

May through September are typically the months when most tenants seek new apartment homes, with July and August being the highest volume months. Spring’s arrival signals it’s time for property managers to prepare for increased traffic to view vacancies and to commit resources to encourage lease renewal numbers.

Five Considerations for Property Owners When Renting to Students

If you own a rental property near a university or community college, then it’s likely that there’s an abundant pool of students who are looking for off-campus housing. You may have avoided this demographic because for any numbers of reasons, such as their lack of credit history, uncertainty during summer months, and individuality.

Maintain Leasing Momentum with On the Spot Closings

Whether you’re a busy property owner or an even busier property leasing agent, whenever you can have a time saving tool in your back pocket that simplifies the entire leasing process, how can you say no? We’ve seen great strides in the mobile leasing technology realm from basic online applications to our fully streamlined process that takes you right down to digitally signing and closing the lease on the spot. On the spot lease completion simply lands more tenants for many reasons that we’ll explore.

5 Ways Property Managers Can Build Long-Term Relationships with Student Renters

Roughly 30% of students enrolled in traditional on-campus degree seeking programs look for off-campus housing. Students watch the budget, but aren’t looking for low-quality options that mirror cramped dormitories and cafeteria meal plans. Echo Boomers are looking for convenience and quality of life.

Transitioning From the Paper Trail to Digital Applications

Just reaching your prospective renters through targeted marketing isn’t enough anymore. Without a full toolbox of digital tools you might be missing out on golden opportunities to close more sales. If you are straddling the fence between a paper leasing processes and a digital automated leasing system, here are a few details to help you get off the fence.