Webinar with Mike Levy: 10 Best Practices of Successful Property Managers

Last modified on January 7th, 2016

We just finished hosting an informative webinar featuring Mike Levy, author of the book “50 Interviews: Successful Property Managers.” Over the summer, he re-interviewed some of the property managers from the book and used this updated information in our recent webinar. The webinar shared what these successful property managers saw as their primary challenges and uncovered their key strategies and initiatives for the coming year.

Based on his interviews, Mike covered these 10 Best Practices for 2012:

  1. More Strategic Marketing
  2. Create New Services and Business Models
  3. Keep Their Eyes on the Competition
  4. Improve the Way They Communicate
  5. Improve the Operations of Their Business
  6. Improve Management of Their Business Finances
  7. Grow Their Business
  8. Do More Professional Networking
  9. Remember that Education is Critical
  10. Improve Usage of Technology


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