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Why People-First Property Management Strategies Always Win | The Top Floor Podcast

Listen to the full episode of The Top Floor podcast now: Since we started The Top Floor podcast almost three years ago, the property management industry has gone through an incredible amount of change in a very short amount of time. As we head into a new year, we wanted to reflect on a few of our favorite moments from The Top Floor podcast. In this special episode, we’ll hear from four members of the AppFolio Property Manager team. They’ll share some of their favorite moments from The Top Floor so far and talk about why they find these insights from past guests just as meaningful today. Together, we’ll explore the importance of company culture, finding meaningful work, using technology wisely, and how to attract and retain top talent. Key Points: • Why top talent seeks meaningful work • How property management companies can articulate value • Important traits for property management leaders to have • Why property management companies need to prioritize company culture • How technology can make work more enjoyable and meaningful • Tasks technology should and shouldn’t replace • The challenges of retaining talent in property management • How a people-first approach can help attract and retain talent • How the mindset around staffing has changed since the pandemic • The importance of work/life balance Key Links: • Connect with Lisa Horner on LinkedIn: • Connect with Daniel Waas on LinkedIn: • Connect with Sean Forster on LinkedIn: • Connect with JJ Koski on LinkedIn: • 2022 Property Management Industry Pulse: #propertymanagement #propertymanagementsoftware #TheTopFloor ✅ More episodes and bonus content: 🔴 Subscribe for more content on YouTube: Follow us on Social: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: 🎧 Check out our podcast – The Top Floor is on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and more.