Last modified on June 12th, 2024

We recently hosted a webinar on how COVID-19 is affecting association management professionals. We discussed the importance of maintaining business continuity, and professionals in the audience shared several tips on how to make the most out of the current situation. We broke them out into four themes and compiled them into a shortlist for you:

1. Abide by Rules, Regulations, and the Law

Association management professionals in our webinar were very explicit in their feedback that it’s imperative to make sure everyone remembers to abide by rules and regulations, and when in doubt, consult legal counsel to protect your business and communities:

  • Follow the laws, protect the association from liability, and keep things moving from remote locations.
  • Keep yourself informed of the government regulations and follow the rules.
  • See if your local law firms specializing in Community Association Management are offering webinars with legal advice on operating during the pandemic. It is important to get advice that is in line with your state’s statutes and local government regulations.
  • Team up with an attorney who focuses on condominium management. Join your local CAI (Community Association Institute) chapter. There is a ton of daily information on breaking HOA news and guidance.

2. Avoid Communication Breakdown

The overall message from those working in the association management industry is that it’s critical to reassure your homeowners and board members that you’re still working on their behalf to continue caring for their communities even during this time of disruption:

  • It’s a good thing to reassure others that we are still here doing our job.
  • Continue to stay connected with your associations. Keep them informed and updated as new information comes out and as changes are made.
  • Communication is the key to success. Do not deviate from scheduled board meetings and have them by conference call or by web.
  • We are all in this together. Sharing info is valuable.

3. Lead With Empathy

While there is still work to be done, it’s clear that association professionals care for their customers and want to make sure that’s understood now more than ever. Leading with empathy in this uncertain time will help maintain and even strengthen the relationships with your team, board, and homeowners:

  • Be patient and kind to each other.
  • Be engaged with your community and provide them with guidance, support, empathy, and comfort.
  • Foster truthful and empathetic communication.

4. Keep an Open Mind & Stay Positive

Maintaining business continuity during a time of disruption means that you may have to think of new ways to get work done and keep a positive outlook:

  • Be flexible, adaptive, and understanding of all stakeholders.
  • Be fluid and adaptable on a daily basis.
  • Stay happy and healthy!

Thank you to all of the community association management professionals who took time out of their busy day to join us for our webinar and share their experiences and tips for tackling work during the COVID-19 disruption. We appreciate your generosity and knowledge-share to help support others. 

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