Exciting Features Shared At The Sacramento AppFolio Meet-Up

Last modified on July 10th, 2017

HOLY COW! The Sacramento AppFolio Customer Meet-Up on January 24th had an incredible turnout. The final head count was a whopping 90 attendees. These attendees were treated to a wide array of delectable eats from Chop’s Steakhouse, and two AppFolio feature presentations from Brian Deignan, Director of Sales at Appfolio and Ursula Shekufendeh, Associate Product Manager at AppFolio. The presentations were so well received, that many “oohs” and “aahs” were overheard throughout the presentations.

Brian and Ursula’s presentations focused on AppFolio’s upcoming features and new partnerships, such as Pay Near Me.

Pay Near Me is a cash-based payment network that provides AppFolio’s customers the ability to allow their tenants to pay their rent at 7-Eleven or ACE Cash Express Stores. Another example of AppFolio’s continued effort to make collecting rent and managing properties easier for property managers and owners.

AppFolio Meet-Ups are more than just AppFolio team presentations of new features. Meet-Ups are also a chance for property owners and customers to network, share ideas, and most importantly have fun! One customer found the meet-up so useful that he came to the event with his own sign-up sheet to start an AppFolio user’s group in Sacramento, to meet with other customers once a month and discuss AppFolio and property management best practices.

An additional benefit of the Meet-Ups is that attendees are able to meet a few AppFolio team members in-person. Many customers at the event remarked that they were excited to meet personnel that they had worked with in the past, but had never met in person. AppFolio team members at the Sacramento event include Danielle Sandoval, Manager of Website Services and Ursula Shekufendeh, who on-boarded a few of the customers to the AppFolio software.

All in all, the Sacramento Meet-Up was a success! There was a buzz in the atmosphere and customers couldn’t wait to get back to work to try out the new features.

Interested in attending a Meet-Up? Check out the AppFolio events page for the next event in your area.



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