10 Tips For Managing Your Online Reputation [Infographic]

Last modified on February 6th, 2018

Think back just five years; the internet was very different. The emergence of the online review site has changed the game, customers are now empowered with the ability to air their grievances or praise of companies they interact with. From restaurants to mechanics, if you’re in the service industry, you’re bound to be reviewed online whether you want it or not. Property managers are no different. How can you keep your online reputation on the up-and-up both online and in real life?

Lucky for you, there are things you can do to monitor, maintain, and improve your online reputation. ForRent.com put together this wonderful infographic of their top 10 tips for managing your online reputation.

Managing Your Online Reputation

How to Start Taking Control of Your Online Reputation

For those of you brand new to the concept of taking control of your online reputation, start with some Google searches of your property and check out the reviews. Pat yourself on the back for the good ones. Seriously, take a moment to appreciate the hard work you’re putting in and that your renters appreciate it.

If the reviews listed are all great, then be sure to keep doing what you’re doing to maintain this streak. For the not-so-good reviews, evaluate them. Rarely do people enjoy criticism, but it’s important to remember that you can learn from it. Perhaps you’ll find opportunities for improving your properties or processes along the way. Are you familiar with the concept of “hugging your haters?” It’s a method of turning bad reviews into a competitive advantage. In an AppFolio webinar featuring Jay Baer (founder, author, strategist, and keynote speaker on all things marketing and customer service) he shared insight into how “Hugging Your Haters” symbolizes the optimal approach to online reputation management. It’s worth a listen to give you an appreciation for those critical reviews that we all dread.

Now that you’ve gone through the hard part of facing the online reviews – it’s time to really dive in! Don’t forget to check out ForRent.com’s excellent infographic that details their 10 top tips for managing your reputation!

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