4 Ways to Deliver Outstanding Experiences to Your Community Association

Last modified on June 4th, 2019

We are in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution where technology is beginning to blur the lines between the physical and digital world. Technology is dramatically changing the way we live, work and interact with each other at an unprecedented scale, regardless of what industry you’re in.

It’s more important than ever for community managers to think about capitalizing on this revolution. To stay ahead, you must look for opportunities to automate, streamline tasks, communicate more effectively, and have an innovative mindset. What it comes down to is providing seamless, mobile experiences — for your team, your board, and homeowners. It’s what they’ve come to expect from the tech leaders who make shopping, car rides, and even coffee orders top-notch experiences.

1. Embrace Automation

Modern community managers are now turning to the power of automation. Modern tools automate many time-consuming tasks, such as assessment collection and processing, violation tracking, architectural reviews, and board member approvals. With automation in place, no matter how large your business grows, you can ensure that your team is providing timely and high-quality service to each and every member of the community.

Overall, customers and employees alike report better satisfaction with their community management businesses when they use automation to create personalized, highly effective experiences.

2. Make Better, Faster Decisions

Today’s tech-savvy employees prefer using flexible, mobile-friendly tools to save time, reduce errors, and work from the field.

Having accurate records in a database that anyone can access from anywhere, on any device, also enables your team to better communicate information to your associations, and to make better decisions in less time. Use that free time to focus on building customer relationships, adding even more to the overall experience your association receives.

3. Open the Lines of Communication

With new communication technology like bulk text messages and emails, you can streamline communication with everyone in your community. By keeping homeowners and board members in the loop with email and text messages, you can reduce the number of phone calls and office visits. This gives you and your team more time to spend on business strategy and growth while keeping your homeowners and board members highly satisfied with the enhanced experience and service.

Homeowners and board members will also appreciate being able to handle important tasks such as paying assessments, viewing documents, and requesting service from their laptops or mobile devices.

Using modern communication technology can also make board meetings more effective, less contentious, and hopefully shorter. When everyone has the same information delivered to them electronically in advance, they can arrive at the meeting prepared to discuss important issues and make decisions more quickly.

4. Think “Innovation”

With the pace that technology is moving, advances that once took decades to come to fruition are now becoming a reality in a matter of years and in some cases even months. By the time we prepare for “the next big thing,” there is already something else on the horizon – that’s why it’s critical to have an innovative mindset. While that may not be something your team has the bandwidth for, there are software leaders like AppFolio that innovate on behalf of their customers to ensure that the solutions that work for them today will also work for them in the future. Sign up for a demo to see AppFolio’s community management software in action.

Start empowering your employees to deliver outstanding service and experience to homeowners and board members.

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