Pinterest For Property Managers (Webinar Recap)

Last modified on October 8th, 2018

We hosted a great webinar yesterday with Grace Hill and AppFolio, featuring Charity Zierten (Socially Engaged Marketing) a leading expert on social media for property management. This webinar covered everything you need to know about Pinterest: how your community can use a Pinterest Board, the types of boards and images that get the most views, and Pinterest etiquette best practices. Charity gave the audience several great tips on how to run a successful Pinterest campaign including free online resources you can use to maximize your branding opportunities.

Below are the recorded webinar and the presentation slides with several questions we didn’t have time to answer.



Are we able to delete a Pinterest board if it doesn’t work out for our company?
Absolutely! Go here and click Deactivate Account

Can you pin from Facebook pictures and posts?
You cannot pin from Facebook, but you can share pins on Facebook.

How could a person find our apartment community on Pinterest?
By using tags and sharing interesting content, people will naturally find your pins. It is a great idea to utilize your current social networking and email marketing campaigns to promote your new Pinterest page. When residents and prospects enter your office, be sure to let them know you have a Pinterest page and invite them to share pins and follow your page!

How can I see if my competition is posting on Pinterest?
The search feature is pretty easy to use. In the upper left hand corner of Pinterest, enter the community name or keywords the community could be using. Try the property management group name. Perhaps the community is only a board on a Pinterest page. If that doesn’t bring anything up, you can always search by the community name + Pinterest in Google.

Are we able to remove comments by others on our pins if we don’t like them?
You can flag comments and delete comments on your pins. Just click the X on the right side of the comment when you mouse over it.

How do we know if our customers use Pinterest?
The only way to know is to ask! You can do this when they visit your leasing office, create a survey they complete, or you can search for keywords about your community and local area to determine if there are current users you can connect with.

Can you explain what a hash tag is used for and what it means?
A hashtag (#) is a commonly-used way to highlight a topic or a phrase. For example, if I am pinning something about fashion, I may put in the description, “This is the best #fashion tip for a quick #hairstyle!” Hashtags are used on many social networking sites to make searching for a particular topic of interest easier. When you click on a hashtag, you are immediately taken to search results.

What is the best way to gain followers?
The best way is to share interesting content and then comment, like and repin other peoples interesting content. Reciprocity lives and breathes online!

When you delete a pin, does it remove it from everyone else’s boards who repined it?
Yes, it will remove the pin from everyone’s page that repinned it. However, it will not remove pins from those who may have downloaded and re-uploaded the pin. Once it is online, assume it will always be online.

How often should I pin content?
Pinterest pins have a half-life of about a week, compared to Facebook’s 80 minutes. Start with 10-12 boards and schedule seven regular posts using Saturday mornings and weekday evenings are the best times to pin for maximum exposure. Test that for a couple of weeks and increase or decrease your activity based on the response-level you receive.

For everyone interested in learning more, Pinterest offers resources for business page owners here:

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