Tracking The Move Out Process

Last modified on January 6th, 2016

Whether you are new to the world of property management, or are a veteran in the industry, the end of the month can be an overwhelming time (if your residents are on a traditional moving schedule). You’ve got people moving in, others moving out, more still looking for last-minute vacancies, and all sorts of property maintenance to take care of. If you manage multiple properties, it means that you’ve really got your hands full with more tasks to complete than you can ever possibly remember on your own. AppFolio can help you and ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Managing the Move-In/Move-Out with AppFolio
There are about 8,000 things to keep track of when you get to the time of month when people are moving in and out of your properties. Try and do it all on your own and you may have a disaster on you hands. Now, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily need more staff to help you out with the process. It simply means that you should take advantage of the tools available to you with AppFolio rental management software:

  • An easy way to track dates and names for people that are moving in and out of specific addresses
  • A connection to necessary work orders for things that need to occur around move-in/move-out times. You can set them up in advance as recurring tasks, or make them one-time entries. You’ll get automatic reminders of what needs to be done where and when. They can also be linked to invoices to ensure a resident pays for anything that they may be responsible for covering. These work orders can also remind you if, for example, one specific property is due for a paint job between residents. This part of the process can be integrated into the same prompts that remind you of the move-in/move-out dates. This means that as soon as the information is available as to when a resident will be moving, the date will be set for the work order reminder. After all, sometimes you’re only notified of a move-out a couple of months in advance.
  • A disposition letter occurs automatically, as you are reminded as you go through the process in AppFolio. This helps you to list any charges that the resident still owes you before they vacate the property.


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