Why Every Property Manager Should Attend Local Trade Shows

Last modified on August 14th, 2017

Trade ShowProperty managers spend a large portion of their time monitoring the fiscal aspects of their business. Whether they’re keeping a close eye on rent ratios or fine-tuning marketing strategies, it’s likely that they’re funneling the majority of their time and resources into the daily grind.

When was the last time you got away from the office to reimagine your business and focus on the future? Trade shows clue you into trends and emerging technology in the property management field that may catapult your properties to the top of competition ladder.

Check out our top 4 reasons why you should be sign up for one today:

  1. They offer experiences you cannot get online.
    It’s easy to get an idea of what’s happening in the housing market by reading trade journals and industry blogs – and we highly recommend it. However, nothing compares to immersing yourself in an environment that’s solely dedicated to your industry and the many factors affecting your business. Take advantage of the wide variety of interactive displays and product demonstrations available to you that will help you visualize the modernization of your properties. It’s likely that you’ll also be given the opportunity to test drive any features you might be considering so you can feel good about making the right decision for your property management company.
  2. You can connect with owners, investors, and renters.
    It’s easy to spend the majority of your time within the four walls of an office. However, attending a trade show is the best and easiest way to connect with those in your field. Spending a few days or even a few hours visiting exhibitions and booths is a great way to meet people who could represent potential partnerships. So be sure to listen to the voices around you. Don’t be afraid to start a discussion with other attendees. Capitalize on the energy and culture that encourages random conversations that could lead to a long-term win.
  3. They give you an opportunity to expand your marketing reach.
    Whether you are going as a first-timer interested in simply taking it all in or you’ll be manning a booth and passing out brochures, you have an opportunity to connect with people from all around the industry. Contractors, investors, interior designers, buyers, sellers, software engineers, commercial developers, marketers, plumbers, local reporters, and national influencers all migrate to this type of event. Attendance is a chance to put your best foot forward so be sure to introduce yourself to people who might offer good insight. Successful property management takes a village so it’s a good idea to learn from those who occupy a different space in the property management bubble.
  4. Events spark your imagination and drive innovation.
    There are a myriad of benefits for those who choose to partake in the full experience of a trade show. However, if you’re less inclined to make it a more business-focused trip, go for the fun of it. You’ll find futuristic exhibits, fresh designs, and the latest in technology to help you enhance productivity in the office. Even without a formal agenda or purpose, you’re likely to walk away with a fresh perspective that will help reinvigorate your business in the long run. Be sure to take along a stack of business cards for those conversations you think might materialize into a good business opportunity. If your goal is simply to peruse, do so in full confidence knowing that a little time away is a good thing. It’s at these types of events that you’re reminded of the supportive and exciting community surrounding you and your industry peers.

For more information on upcoming trade shows and the latest in property management topics, visit National Association of Residential Property Managers and the National Apartment Association.

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