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How Offering Financial Flexibility Benefits Your Business and Residents

Now more than ever, renters value financial flexibility. With flexible payment options like “buy now, pay later” and mobile payments becoming a standard part of consumers’ everyday lives, the pressure is on for property management companies and the rental housing industry to offer greater flexibility, too. To dig deeper into what this looks like, we welcomed two AppFolio experts to The Top Floor to discuss the rise of flexible rent payments, security deposit alternatives, and how both can help meet residents’ shifting expectations. In the first half of our conversation, Adam Feinstein, VP of Product – Payments, explores the rise of flexible rent payments across the industry. And Sean Saxena, Senior Director of FolioGuard™, rounds out the episode by discussing security deposit alternatives. Listen to the full episode now to learn more about how financial flexibility trends and changing resident expectations are impacting the entire rental housing industry. Key points: ● Why financial flexibility is important to consider ● How consumer trends have changed resident expectations ● The benefits of flexible rent payments ● How to choose a flexible payment solution ● Predictions on the future of flexible rent payments ● The current state of security deposits ● How security deposit alternatives work ● Why security deposit alternatives are rising in popularity ● The benefits of security deposit alternatives ● The future of security deposits Key links: ● 2022 U.S. Resident Motivations report: MetroMotivationsNational_2021_etb_content_download_form_lp.html ● AppFolio Accelerates Platform Innovation with New Security Deposit Alternative Solution, Smart Accounting Tools and PropTech Integrations: ● FolioGuard™: #AppFolio #TheTopFloor #propertymanagement ✅ To find out more, head to: 🔴 Subscribe for more content on YouTube: Follow us on social: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: 🎧 Check out our podcast – The Top Floor on all the podcasting apps e.g. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher etc