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The New Rules for Attracting, Retaining, and Leading Top Talent | The Top Floor Podcast

There’s never been a more complicated time to be a leader. The state of the property management and real estate workforce has changed drastically over the last two years, and it continues to shift every day. In fact, HR, Staffing, and Recruitment are still among the industry’s top concerns, especially when it comes to attracting new team members, reducing staff turnover, and improving company culture. To help guide leaders through these challenges, AppFolio recently led a live town hall-style panel session at the National Multifamily Housing Counsel’s 2022 OPTECH Conference and Expo. That session was specifically designed to cover the new rules for leading and managing the next generation of property management talent. As part of that session, AppFolio interviewed five early-career and emerging property management and real estate leaders to hear first-hand what they think about their careers, what they look for when choosing an organization to work for, and what they expect from their own leaders today. In this episode, we hear from two of those up-and-coming property management and real estate leaders that were essential to our 2022 OPTECH panel to help you identify the leadership and talent management strategies that will lead your organization and team to success. Rohit Singh Chauhan, a graduate student at the MIT Center for Real Estate, and Kira Goepferd, a student at Portland State University and property management assistant at Schnitzer Properties, share their invaluable insights in this episode of The Top Floor. Key Points ● How to market roles to young professionals ● Why job descriptions should include future career growth opportunities ● How current employees can become brand ambassadors ● Why company culture is important to potential job candidates ● Why meaningful work is key to talent retention ● Why organizations need to build a culture of upskilling ● Current flexible work expectations ● What people want from a leader ● What people don’t want from their leaders Key Links ● What Do Property Management Employees Really Want? ● AppFolio Property Manager Hiring and Retention Report 2022: Turn Challenges into Opportunities: #propertymanagement #propertymanagers #realestate ✅ To listen to the full episode, head to: 🎧 Check out our podcast – The Top Floor on all the podcasting apps e.g. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher, etc. 🔴 Subscribe for more content on YouTube: Follow us on social: Instagram: