3 Articles To Help You Run a Paperless Property Management Office

Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

AppFolio hosts two educational Websites as resources for property managers looking for new ideas and ways to improve your property management business: PropertyManager.com and GreenPropertyManagement.com. We have recently seen some great articles about property managers going “paper-free” and increasing the profitability of their property management business. Here are 3 that are worth your time to read (but don’t print them out!).

Your Paperless Office: Five Great Reasons to Move Payments Online
If you have made the commitment to run a greener business, eliminating the paper check will be a valuable way for you to save your customers and employees time and increase banking reliability. By investing in technology (like our online payment feature) your paperless property management office can collect resident rent payments online. You can use online payments to pay your owners too. Here’s an article to help you get motivated.

5 Tips for Going Paper-Free
You may be like many property managers today and are considering a switch to a paperless work environment in order to save money, reduce office clutter and free up space. Using shared electronic files, designated office employees can reference items without stepping foot inside the office to pull out a piece of paper – no more wasted trips to the office. This article outlines key tips to get you going.

Achieving the Triple Bottom Line Through Paperless Office Management
This article breaks down how property managers are able to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively by managing a paperless office. By eliminating the paper trail you save valuable time and address what this article calls the triple bottom line: people, profit, and the planet.


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