3 Ways AppFolio Property Manager Is Even Better In 2013

Last modified on July 18th, 2017

The beginning of a new year is always demanding, no matter what your resolution is: eat better, work out more, be more financially responsible, or be nicer to your parent/sibling/spouse. We hope that we here at AppFolio are making your life easier with our latest AppFolio Property Manager product updates. These 3 new updates below give you more time and energy to focus on all those “pesky” resolutions.

1. Attach Invoices To Bills In Owner Packets
This new functionality allows your invoices and other files to be attached to your bills, to be included in owner report packets. This also gives you the ability to send this information directly to your owners. Some important items to note when attaching invoices to bills in owner packets:

  • Bills are attached when partially or fully paid. The owner packet is then run for the period when the bill is paid.
  • If an owner has multiple properties, they will receive all attachments to bills across all their properties.

2. Updated Owner Portal UI
The design of the UI is now updated! This will make it easier to distinguish new reports from older reports and to download attachments. This will also help you more easily understand which packet is the newest. Keep in mind this new UI is a redesign only, there is no change to the UI functionality. Here are some of the perks you get:

  • The owner portal UI has been updated to clearly show which is the latest published packet.
  • There is now a Download Full Packet button and a help tip for zip files.
  • Attached files are listed in their own section, which can be expanded or collapsed.
  • Older packets are shown in their own section, sorted by “to date.”
  • The older packets section can be expanded or collapsed.

3. Credit Cards For Application Fees
With AppFolio Property Manager it is now possible to conduct credit card payment processing for online application fees. This function replaces the previous ACH method to provide a better experience for you and your applicants. While transitioning to this new method, keep in mind the following:

  • Credit card users will not have the option to accept application fees using ACH.
  • AppFolio charges a $5 transaction fee for each credit card receipt. The application fee must be adjusted to include this $5. It is not a separate charge reflected to the applicant.
  • Application fees for units must be set between $6 and $200.
  • There is an application fee validation process.
  • Listings will accept credit card payments if the property has a CC-enabled application fees bank and an application fee between $6 and $200.
  • AppFolio Property Manager users will see the credit card application receipt linked on the Rental Application.

Start taking advantage of these new AppFolio Property Manager updates today!


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