AppFolio Work Order Tips and Tricks

Last modified on March 15th, 2019

AppFolio includes functionality that helps you keep track of work orders so you can keep track of the details and ensure that everything is done in a timely manner and you don’t end up losing or wasting money.  Use the work order system the right way, and you’ll find that it will benefit your efficiency to an even greater degree. Certainly, you could also use an external calendar, but that is not going to come with the same level of automation that you will get with work orders that are attached to a real estate property management software.

So, take note of these useful tips for using the work order tool to your advantage:

Set up work orders on a recurring basis.
Have different times when you need to do maintenance on a property? For example, mowing the lawn or taking care of landscaping? You don’t need to worry about remembering that, because you can set up a recurring work order for each individual property. This is also a great feature to use with the standard set of actions that occur when a resident moves in or moves out.

Keep track of work orders and invoices together.
The AppFolio work order system allows you to connect both a work order and invoice together, which can also help you to keep track of who paid for what in the future. You can also keep tabs on invoices paid as well as provide enough documentation for your owners.

Record other important dates.
If you’ve got a property or equipment in a property that’s under warranty, you can use work orders to keep track of that as well.  This helps you stay compliant and avoid wasted money.  AppFolio Property Manager will also show you a warning if you try to schedule a work order for a unit or property already under warranty.


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