Ease Moving Stress For Residents With A Great Move-In Process

Last modified on January 6th, 2016

When residents are moving into the property that you manage, you have to expect that they’ll be under significant stress. Whether they’re moving across the country or across the street, the process of packing up their entire world, arranging to receive services at the new location, and keeping everything organized is a big job. As the property manager for the building or home that the new resident is moving into, you can try and simplify the process for them.

Be Ready With Paperwork And Keys
If the resident was unable to get the lease signed prior to the move-in date (due to location), make sure that you meet them at their arrival time with all paperwork ready to go. The resident is going to be frazzled and anxious to start moving into their new home. The faster you can get them through the process and have the keys in their hands, the less stress they will face.

Make Sure That The Property Is Ready
Ensure that the property is prepared for their move-in well in advance. Don’t be scrambling at the last minute to get something cleaned up or expect them to move in while the paint is still drying. As the property manager, you set the scheduled move-in date and need to be just as prepared for it as the new resident. You also want to avoid having to come back to complete property maintenance that you knew about beforehand. Imagine the stress they’ll face as a plumber is coming in to repair a running toilet while having to step around boxes that are in the midst of being unpacked. No resident will appreciate that, and the stress they face might eventually be turned back on you.

Give Them Easy Moving Access
If your property is a large residential building, make sure that the elevator is ready to be put at the service of the resident. That way you can simply flick a switch when they arrive to move in. Also see to it that the loading dock or designated moving area is unlocked and clear. The residents will want to get started right away, and if these things are not ready, they may try to move using a busy elevator, and that will be stressful for them and other residents.

Remember, the move-in process is one area where you can make a first impression on new residents. Do it the right way, remove some of the stress they’ll face, and you’ll all be off to a good start.


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