Marketing for Mobile Apartment Seekers

Last modified on February 20th, 2015

Understanding the “Three P’s” of Resident Marketing

Reaching mobile consumers has never been more important than it is today. If you aren’t already putting your “mobile clients” first, you may be lagging behind the competition. Property management professionals must embrace mobile technology to get ahead of the competition since technology and consumer behavior evolves rapidly.

Going digital with social media connections on Twitter and Facebook is the new norm. But, your community is most likely connected to other social gathering sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, too. And, savvy consumers still rely on text, email and company websites to stay informed about upcoming events and news.

Marketing strategies need to be social, digital and mobile today. Here’s what you can do to get your property up to speed.

First, recognize that the term “mobile” changes and evolves when new technology comes onto the market. As the number of options increase, consumer behavior changes, too.

Remember when “mobile” meant you had a phone in the car? Then, it changed to cell phones, then smart phones, then tablets, then digital devices capable of sharing images, recording videos and downloading apps. So, tomorrow, literally, “mobile” might mean something significantly different for up-to-date consumers. Maybe it will mean that “mobile residents” have wearable technology that allows them to sign onto an online portal to check the status of their maintenance request or schedule a virtual tour.

Since, terminology changes, let’s look at some things that won’t change. If you get the three basic tenets of marketing to a mobile resident base, you’ll be on your way to giving today’s apartment seekers what their searching for on their terms.

#1.  Make it personal.

Every user is a unique individual. Almost everyone appreciates customizable solutions that fit their own needs and personal wish-list. Your content should resonate with a diverse set of individuals, and be accessible from a diverse set of tech tools — different operating systems and devices.

#2.  Project portability.

Your concepts have to follow your followers. That means anywhere prospects travel throughout their day, whether it is work, home, play or on a road trip, your information should be accessible.

#3. Perfect perpetuity.

Mobility is a 24-hour concept. Always available, always accurate and always engaging. Property managers should update vacancies, pricing and amenities in real-time. Blog posts need relevant content that demonstrates your property is forward thinking and concerned about today’s issues — and not old news. Mentioning current events (national or local)or holidays in your weekly blog is one way to accomplish this.

Perfecting perpetuity means continuous, reliable access. Make sure your SaaS provider and web hosting partner maintains products effectively so current and potential residents have 24/7 access, 365 days a year (and 366 on leap years).

There is another “P” that every rental market professional should consider, “potential,” as in revenue potential. Use these tips to leverage potential to the greatest advantage.

  1. If you’re thinking of making apps available, be sure they are user-friendly and fun.
  2. Use state of the art technology to provoke emotional responses. Think videos with people having fun or young animals that naturally make most people smile.
  3. Try out-of-the-box information that educates without selling. For example, you could recommend an exercise or nutrition app if your property has an on-site gym. The app adds value to your amenities without expecting anything in return. Post links on your website or offer a rent credit if the price is nominal.

Need some help leveraging the Three P’s to boost your property’s potential? consultants are here to help you take your mobile technology management to a new level.


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