It’s The Small Things That Make A Big Difference

Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

We recently interviewed Kayla Morris Roeder and Kendra Morris, Vice Presidents of Cambridge Management Group, Inc. in California and they talked to us about how much time they save using AppFolio. By using online applications, ACH payments, and emailing the owner’s packets, they are able to perform routine tasks much faster. Property managers take their computers with them on the road and can access the web-based software from anywhere, which has freed up one employee in the office. Kayla and Kendra save so much time that they are able to take longer vacations! Now, that’s amazing.

How They Do It

  1. New applicants from out of town can take care of everything in advance online and have the key to their new place waiting for them when they get into town. This makes things more convenient for military families and gives Cambridge Management Group a competitive advantage.
  2. The leasing flow is streamlined using online applications, ACH application fees, and online screening. Managers have the ability to have the lease signed, collect the deposit using ACH, and move the renter in within 24 hours!
  3. Maintenance personnel take on the responsibility of doing their own documentation with the computer during the walk-through inspections during move-ins and move-outs. The work order is automatically triggered after a move-out in AppFolio and instead of writing the information down on a piece of paper and then entering that information into the computer when they get back to the office, it can be done on-site in real time.
  4. AppFolio closes out the month every month automatically and posts the rent. They used to have to be in the office personally to close the month out by hand. This functionality in AppFolio has been a huge time savings for Kayla and Kendra. They used to have to export all of the owner packets and attach them one by one to specific emails for owners but with AppFolio it is just click a button to email out all owner packets.

This story is best told by Kayla and Kendra of Cambridge Management Group, Inc. directly so we recommend you watch their short video on the AppFolio Case Studies page. We want to say how happy we are that they are able to save time using AppFolio and request that Kayla and Kendra please send us a postcard from their next vacation!


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