Tips For Property Managers To Maintain A Positive Owner Relationship

Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

As a property manager, it is essential that you maintain a great relationship with owners – after all, they are very important to your business! You may not need to get along with them on a personal level or meet for 18-holes on Sunday afternoons, but you do need to ensure that you stay on positive terms. This can look different for each owner depending on their specific expectations of you, but there are some basic things that all property managers should focus on doing in order to show owners that their property is in great hands.

Keep The Residents Happy
To keep the owner happy, you’ve got to keep people in their properties. To keep vacancies to a minimum, you’ve got to keep the residents happy. Generally, ensure that you meet any needs that are reasonable and that were agreed upon in the lease. Keep the property well maintained and communicate openly with residents as necessary. Do what you’ve got to do to keep the property rented out.

Be Proactive
Never wait for an owner to tell you that they haven’t received a rent payment for a specific property, or that you’ve failed to provide essential reports. If ever there is an issue, you should be the first one to know and in a position to communicate it to the owner. As long as everything is running as smoothly as can be expected, stay on top of your game. Get them their money before they ask for it, and stay on top of rent collection and the like!

Keep The Money Coming In
Money isn’t everything in life, but when an owner hires a property manager, the point is that they want to be hands-off and simply receive the profits. So that always has to be on your mind!

Leverage Your AppFolio Owner Portals
To make the process of dealing with an owner even easier, we offer Owner Portals through AppFolio. You can give owners access to all the necessary reports so they can download them whenever they’d like. The portal is designed simply enough that you don’t need to worry about providing them with IT support, either! This part of the property management app provides one more way for you to get your job done and keep owners happy.


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