Why Do Property Managers Need an iPhone or iPad App?

Last modified on October 25th, 2013

To really determine why an iPhone or iPad app is necessary for property managers, you simply need to consider the type of job that is being done. Although there are applications being made available to help people working in a variety of industries, some of these are more gimmicky and not actually necessary. However, there are certain job characteristics that make mobile apps necessary in property management.

Property Managers Are:

  1. Always On The Go
    You may spend some time at your desk, but property management certainly isn’t a desk job. You’re regularly showing your properties to residents, arranging, completing or supervising maintenance appointments, and traveling from one property to the next. If you always need to wait to get back to your office to record something, things are surely going to get forgotten. Plus, that’s truly not the most efficient way to use your time if you have free moments between tasks, but not enough time to get back to your computer. Having an on-the-go app makes all the difference!
  2. Constantly Recording Data
    Sure, you could record any necessary information in a notebook or even onto a device when you’re away from the computer and transfer it to your rental property software back at the office. But that is just leaving more margin for error, since you could misread or mistype data the second time. Having it where it’s useful for future reference from the get-go just makes far more sense, doesn’t it?
  3. Responsible For Carrying A Lot Of Equipment
    if you’re out doing an inspection on a property, or preparing a property for showing, you have got to have a lot of gear with you. Particularly if this preparation includes maintenance. That can quickly become a big burden. Eliminate the quantity of things you’ve got to tote with you by using a mobile device to take photos and record data.

Here is a list we compiled based on feedback from property managers about how they use an iPad for property management – some great ideas that will help you justify the cost to provide iPads for your entire staff!

Keep in mind as well that the mobile app offered with AppFolio automatically syncs with the data in your online AppFolio account, so you are always well organized! While apps may be gimmicks for other industries, in property management, it’s just a matter of efficiency.


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