6 Simple Ideas to Get More People to Visit Your Property Management Blog

Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

One of the best ways to generate more natural search engine traffic for your property management website is to start blogging. Sounds kind of easy, “Step one, start!” But I know it can be hard to think of things to say as well as get people to actually find and visit your blog.

Here is a summary of tips from a recent post by Hubspot (they have great marketing ideas). I’ve chosen some highlights from each section but be sure to read the whole article when you have time.

1. Make the title of your blog catchy and interesting.
This is the most important part of your blog because it is what your reader sees first and he/she needs to be interested enough to click on it! Some strategies that work well:

  • Numbers are great – “5 Easy Ways Beautify Your Home”, “7 Ideas to Reduce Your Monthly Heating Costs”.
  • Make sure to use relevant key words that matter to your business – talk about trends in the community, the real estate market, your city/neighborhood, etc.
  • Start with “How To”. We all like to learn how to do things better.

2. Write your content so it is easy to read.
Now that you have a great title you need to make your blog post simple and easy to digest. Stay away from big, long paragraphs and instead use bullets and shorter sentences.

  • Make lists (they are easy and can be fun).
  • Don’t be afraid to bold the important sections.
  • Write like a reporter – stay at high-school level.

3. Your content should be optimized for Search Engines (SEO).
Your content needs to be optimized for search engines because people use Google, Bing and Yahoo to search and you want them to find your website. But don’t forget that you are actually writing for people so it shouldn’t sound like a robot spitting out your search terms. Think of the terms your prospective renters might be searching for, such as “apartments in La Jolla” and “rentals in Fort Worth”, and incorporate them into your blog posts.

  • Meta Title – This is the title of your property management blog post and you should put your keywords close to the front. Keep it under 70 characters.
  • Use internal links – Use your keywords as anchor text to link to other posts on your blog.

4. Ask for interaction from your readers.
It is great to see blog posts with comments – so at the end of your post ask your readers a question!

5. Don’t forget social sharing buttons.
Add the Facebook like icons below each post so your readers can share your great writing with others.

6. Link to other relevant blogs.
If you’re writing about something that you’ve seen written in other places then link back to that post. An example would be if you’re networking with local Realtors, link to articles that are about the local housing market. You will build your network while providing great content for your readers.

Any other ideas?


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