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How to Optimize Your Contact Page to Connect with Prospective Renters

It might seem obvious, but the contact page is one of the most important areas of your website when it comes…

Leasing for Success Isn’t a Game, Or is it?

Property managers must be diligent when designing their lease strategies. From carefully wording your lease for legal compliance to training…

Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Video Tours (Webinar Recap)

We hosted a fun and informative session with Todd Breen on the power of video tours this week. He covered best practices for creating engaging video tours for your listings. He also covered many of the benefits video tours can offer property managers, including:

Keys to a  Successful Property Management Website

In today’s world, your online presence is the face of your company. Most of the time it’s the first thing prospective owners and residents will see before initial contact is made. First impressions are key to engaging visitors. If your website is without features such as: clean design, user-friendly functionality, and online access to applications, listings, etc., you may lose valuable business before you’ve even had a chance to make your case. Does your website give a great first impression of your business?

Blogging: Is It Worth Your Time?

Everyone seems to be blogging these days. Enter just about any term into a Google or Bing search box and…

The Need For A Great Property Management Website

Two seconds. That’s how long Internet users will wait for a site to load before they start abandoning, according to…

Using Google+ Local In Property Management

Google dominates the search engine market, so it is important for property managers to take advantage of every listing opportunity…

Get To Know Us: Interview With Jonathan Brownfield, AppFolio’s Web Designer

How did you find your way to AppFolio? I worked for ExpertCity (now Citrix Online) from 2002 to 2004 so…

3 Ways Property Managers Can Improve Their Online Presence

With the amount of time that people spend online these days, it’s very important to have a professional presence on…

6 Blog Topic Ideas for Property Managers

Blogging is such a great way to connect with your community and when you include relevant search terms you are investing in generating more visitors to your website. OK, you’re sold! So now the harder part – coming up with ideas on what to actually blog about (details, details).