Acquiring New Business with an iPad

Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

Curious to see how your property management peers would use an iPad to acquire new business? We have 10 great comments listed below. You guys came up with so many creative ideas! Thank you for contributing.

1. I’d use the iPad in my sales presentations to pull live comps with the client right there with me! I would use it to scare the crap out of them, with photos of examples of properties I’ve taken on where owners got tenants without a property manager, and the house was TRASHED! -Rachell

2. How convenient it would be if we could pull up our website and show our listings to business acquaintances, prospective tenants, family, and friends on the iPad instead of telling them to go home and look up our Website. “A bird in the hand” is like… “iPad in the hand”. There’s no time like the present to show our property management website and listings. There is too great of a chance of losing the potential client if you send them out on their own to view the listings. I’ve used an iPad and it’s sooooo easy. -Kathy

3. I would use an iPad as a presentation tool for a prospective client to show our ability to search targeted areas to help with price determination for their properties. I would illustrate our personalized application through AppFolio that helps potential lessees in one step – apply, pay, and send in an application in the simplest and most user friendly way. AppFolio makes me and my iPad a team! -Stella

4. I would use the iPad during a new management presentation, allowing me to sign contracts digitally, then email them to the owner right there without needing to carry additional copies or extra folders and fill everything out twice. It would also allow me to take all measurements of the property and photos at the same time and then email those to the owner as well so they could approve the whole thing. What took days to accomplish in the past, because I would need to go back to my office to load everything up on the computer there, email the owner and then wait to hear back from them, I would be able to take care of in that first 1 hour meeting. I hope I win. -Lance

5. With the application Pages, you can make beautiful home brochures and flyers, etc! -Valerie

6. I do renovations and restorations for my investors. Keeping track of receipts and shopping lists can be tricky because if we forget something, it comes right off the bottom line. I use “notes” and have a page for each house. When I need something I put it into the “notes” on a particular house. I then take the iPad with me to the store and add the item to the list with the cost. Then when I get back to the office, everything is right there – not on napkins, on the backs of business cards or left in the store. It makes my bookkeeping so much easier and organized. -Linda

7. I think it would be a wonderful tool to add to our company for leasing agents. I would be able to process credit and criminal backgrounds right at the showing to expedite our approval process on rental applications. People wouldn’t have to wait to find out if they are approved or not, and sometimes they have cash in hand and want to lease right away. It would save mileage to the office for processing as well. -Amanda

8. [I would use the iPad to make] presentations for those potential owners! Dazzle them with your hi-tech knowledge of AppFolio and how professionally their property will be managed, all with a touch of the screen! Show them how their properties can have that colorful and professional look in flyers and the company website and the 100s more that AppFolio offers. -Susan

9. Being able to show potential new owners what we are all about and how we do day-to-day business on the iPad would be huge. I would be able to show my owners that no matter where I’m at, I will always be able to update them on everything they need to know about their home and their tenants with just a couple taps on the screen. -Kyle

10. When at a prospective owner meeting you can browse your website from the iPad and show them what options they have available for marketing their property. -Rob


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