Creating Your Rental Property FAQ

Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

If you’re going to set up a property management website (which you should, if you’re serious about your venture being successful), you should anticipate the questions of potential residents and create an FAQ. That way, by the time you actually speak to someone, you will know that they’re truly interested.

It’s of much greater benefit to your property management business to have an FAQ for each property rather than a single overarching one. This is because each building or property has its own unique attributes that can be attractive to residents.

Questions you should consider including are:

What size units are available for rent in the building/property?
you don’t want to have to keep updating your FAQ every time there is a new vacancy or a previous vacancy is filled. So with this question, simply focus on the size of the units that exist in the building, regardless of availability (this information can be posted elsewhere). For example, you can mention that there are units with 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms, and also mention the average square footage for each type.

How old is the property?
People like to know whether they’re moving into a new building, an old building, or something right in the middle. This is also a good place to mention any renovations that have been done to update an older property. Don’t assume that this information will cause you to lose prospective residents. Some prefer older properties for the greater square footage, while others may prefer a more modern aesthetic in a smaller space (or the combination of both, in an older renovated property).

What’s the neighborhood like?
Are there schools within walking distance? Is the property close to a bus route? Is it less than 5 miles to a local hospital? All of these things are useful pieces of information for residents who know little about the area in which the property is located.

What’s the property itself like?

Mention the number of stories in the building, the amenities available on site (both indoors and outdoors), and any social events that take place for residents. All of this information can help prospective residents decide whether your property may be right for them.

How do you apply for a unit?

If a prospective resident sees your website and FAQ and they like the sounds of your property, you need to guide them to the right next steps. Let them know what the application process involves and how to contact you if they have any other questions.

Remember, you want to encourage people to contact you or submit an application online and come for a visit. That way you have the opportunity to sell residents on the property and close the deal. However, giving them just enough information can certainly make the process that follows much simpler!


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