Using QR Codes in Property Management

Last modified on March 15th, 2019

Today, there are many technological developments that can help property managers fill vacancies and maintain their properties while spending less time on menial tasks. Online property management software helps streamline all your processes; photos and videos can provide prospective residents with thorough tours of properties that they’re unable to visit; and the availability of extensive online property advertising can help bring exposure to residential properties. Now, there is a new trend beginning in technology, and while a number of industries are able to take advantage of it, it is particularly beneficial for property management.

What Are QR Codes?
“QR Codes” is short for “Quick Response Codes”. They are essentially small, customized barcodes that individuals can scan with their smartphones. QR codes can be connected to virtually any type of information or media, and as the name indicates, they are designed to provide users with quick access to information that they may find useful.

How Can QR Codes Be Used In Property Management?
One of the simplest ways to use a QR code in property management is to place it on your vacancy or “for rent” sign. Then you can ensure that the scan brings up something that will help market the property. There are a number of different things that you could choose to have appear when someone scans your QR code. Just remember that the goal is to keep it simple. You want to entice people to learn more through use of your QR code, not overwhelm them with a complete website of information.

Some options for information to include are:

  • A list of available vacancies in a residential building. For example, the availability of 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom units. You can choose to include pricing here or not.
  • A video tour of the amenities in a residential building.
  • Data about what’s in the local area. For example, access to schools, restaurants and public transportation.
  • Photos of a residence in pristine condition.
  • An F.A.Q. about your property.

Here are 6 examples of Property Management Companies using QR Codes (thanks to our friends at AllPropertyManagement)

Since QR codes are an intriguing novelty, passersby with an app on their smartphones are likely to scan one when it catches their eye. The “wow factor” and the element of convenience can both draw people in!


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