How Would You Use an iPad – Staff Favorites

Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

While going through the responses for our iPad giveaway, there were several comments that made us laugh and we feel obligated to share some of the staff favorites. Interestingly enough, many of the comments had something to do with vacation. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

After I rent 3 houses with it in one afternoon because I can show all my listings to the many people that arrived to my showing, I would then launch the last space shuttle with it, then I would find a great restaurant with it and meet a very attractive woman there for a romantic dinner, then I would find out the movie times with it, then I would plan to go to Fiji with it and book my flight. Then I would put on some old spice and drink a Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friend. –Troy

I would use my iPad to reach hundreds of people and create a flash mob experience at my property, video and edit it with iMovie, then post it to the Internet and create a buzz about our property. –William

While floating down the Colorado River on my raft and fly fishing, I will use my iPad to check and respond to emails, update tenants and owners, send out work orders, and to check to see what flies are working with fish at that time. –Darren

I would use the iPad to check emails or do work related things, or NOT. Probably not. –Jim

Currently I’m in my doctors office waiting for over an hour for 10 minutes of my doctor’s time. Well, with an iPad, I could review advertisements, screen applicants, and upload inspection photos to AppFolio….if my doctor can fix my back I’ll be all caught up and ready for golf. Who knew the doctors office could be so productive!! –Kevin

As an outsource bookkeeper for two companies using AppFolio, it would be great to be able to answer questions for one client while working at the other client’s office (or at least they could think that). Really, I would be sitting on the beach. –Maria

We would use an iPad to play angry birds, of course! When you’ve had a really stressful day where owners are demanding you to do your job for less pay; where tenants are demanding that you act as their marriage counselor; and where vendors are demanding money you don’t have yet. That’s when Property Managers need a sane way to release all the stress. With an iPad I could curl up in the corner under my desk and escape for just a little while from the chaos of property management. –Jennifer

The I-Pad is small enough that I could put it in my saddle bags and still get my work done when I’m on a weekend trail ride. This way when I’m on-call for the weekend, I can still do my normal activities right from the back of my horse! –Lynne

With an iPad I could sit along side the road, in a parking lot, or at the beach and do everything I currently do at the office. This would enable me to me to give up my office and not pay anymore rent. I can send money and collect rent via ACH and do everything I need to do to continue to run my business. Think of all the money I’d save on office expenses. Heck, speaking of money…if I had any I’d buy an iPad right now and not wait for the drawing. –Buster

We have one rule here: all office personnel is kept informed of building operations daily via e-mail. I could go on vacation and not be missed. –Geraldine

I would use the iPad to schedule rent increases…from Tahiti! –Chris

I would be unstoppable! I constantly have “work thoughts and ideas” when I am not at work. I would carry this with me all the time. It would be the best tool ever! –April

I would use it in the field for taking pictures, updating rental information, etc! Of course I would use it to manage my accounts while out of town basking in the sun awaiting my scheduled deep sea fishing experience and then again while waiting at the airport during my three hour layover. –Richard


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