Property Maintenance Using the iPad

Last modified on July 18th, 2017

Each person thinks of different ways in which they would use a new iPad if they were to win one. For some property managers they wanted the iPad to help them better market their properties but to others, they would like the iPad to help them deal with maintenance issues for their properties; here are their clever ideas.

As the maintenance supervisor I would be able to update work orders, contact vendors, owners, and tenants and update all of the accounting from the iPad. It would save the company time and money. Michele

You can use the iPad to do video inspections of your property and then upload them to YouTube, and send the URL to Owners and prospective tenants. Also, you can use the iPad for move-in and move-out condition report back up. Leeann

[The iPad would mean] no more driving back to the office after a move-out inspection. I would download the pics, send the report to the owner, and make work orders while on site. THEN ON TO THE NEXT THING. Throw away the map book, I GOT GOOGLE EARTH/MAPS with me. Michael

I am the maintenance supervisor for my company. Carrying a laptop tends to be cumbersome, but carrying an iPad would be easier because there is a potential for an all in one solution without the cords (as well as looking stylish). Nick

I can instantly create new work orders in the field and email them to the appropriate staff if I am approached by a resident while I’m on site at a property. I will never forget about a single resident! I will also be able to talk to my residents about their ledgers, lease terms and other information, without asking them to travel 45 minutes to the main office. As I am the only staff member at my satellite office, an iPad would do wonders for me, it would be like having another employee! My work efficiency could almost double with that saved time. Morgan

I would use the iPad for property inspections…we have a 5 Point Inspection that is done 6 months into a lease, having access to the actual leasing information from AppFolio in the field is priceless…it allows me to check daily/monthly on actual 5 Point inspections needing to be done and the iPad would allow me to keep the inspections and the letter handy and available to email to the client. Having field access is the only way to keep my business running smoothly and effectively. Anna

[I would use the iPad to] automate the maintenance walk-through process. A manager could walk a unit taking video and/or pictures of problem items, create the work orders on site and upload videos/pictures, and email out the work orders to owners for approval, or vendors to schedule work. This would eliminate the need for a call in to the office, additional paperwork, and tracking of work orders outside of the system. Colin

The iPad would allow me the ability to create work orders right from the property when doing move out inspections…or to access my AppFolio while on vacation! Mike

We would let our maintenance person carry the iPad so that she could get readable work orders on the road. Devorah

I am an IT director for a property management company. I would use the iPad as I travel to different properties to check all the open IT work orders (we have an IT request website that logs IT issues) for that property. I can then fix any open items or follow-up with resolved cases. I can also check our actual inventory at the property against what is logged at the corporate office. Finally, it would allow me to “show-off” any new IT initiatives to both executives and property managers. –Lena


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